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Welcome to NamasteVapes Ireland! Here you can find all the top brands within the vaping community.Stocking all the finest products available and with discreet packaging, shipping and delivery, we take pride in being an official reseller of these pieces of kit! With vaporizers from world renowned brands such as PAX Labs, Storz and Bickel and Grenco Science, take it from us when we say there is a vape out there for you! So, what are you waiting for? Order the vape of your dreams now and get free shipping on orders over €50!

Vaping has grown in popularity over the years and it’s not surprising. Initially, people began vaping as an alternative to smoking but it has since grown to be an epidemic, with more and more people joining the vaping community everyday. So, how does vaping work? Rather than burning your materials, as smoking does, vaping dehydrates the healing and medical properties of your material so rather than inhaling smoke filled with carcinogens, you’re getting the most out of your material without any other unwanted chemicals. Here at Namaste we take pride in providing a variety of vaporizers to suit the needs and preferences of every user. From desktop vapes such as the Volcano Classic and the Arizer Extreme Q, to portable vaporizers such as the Mighty and the DaVinci IQ, you simply couldn’t get much better than this!

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