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7th Floor

7th Floor vaporizers are an aspiring vaporizer manufacturing company based in Colorado Springs, USA. 7th Floor vaporizers kicked into the scene when they released the majorly popular SSV Vaporizer (Silver Surfer Vape). The SSV vape is renowned worldwide and is still a favourite and go-to piece for many vapers out there, and in Ireland it's been picking up a bit of a name for itself as well so make sure you check out this amazing convection desktop vape.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Ireland

The Silver Surfer vape is one of the distinguished leaders in the vaporizer community. The SSV is a whip-style vape and also has a wealth of customization available to it, including a variety of designs, colours and heat covers available. The SSV vaporizer also avails of a ground glass connection which allows the user to vape without having to hold the whip in place; providing a hands free experience. Unlike the majority of other vaporizers out there, the SSV vaporizer utilises homemade glass, which is blown by 7th Floor, making it truly a unique piece while also ensuring the highest quality vapor is achieved.

Da Buddha Vape Ireland

Da Buddha is another fantastic vaporizer developed and manufactured by 7th Floor vaporizers. The Da Buddha is a whip-style desktop vaporizer which is a very powerful machine, capable of producing top notch vapor quality. The Da Buddha is notably popular due to its efficiency and and price. Same as with the SSV vape, the Da Buddha features the same high quality craftsmanship which can be found in all 7th Floor vaporizers, with the Da Buddha being built using only the highest quality materials and components.

7th Floor produce a range of quality desktop vapes and have stood the test of time for their simple but efficient operation. With multiple whip and wand attachments available from 7th Floor, one can be confident that they will find the perfect combo of water tools and bowls to suit their needs.