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Dry Herb pipes are one of the most convinent, compact, and portable ways to enjoy your smoking experience. They are easy to pack, clean, and enjoy; offering great, potent hits full of flavour every time. Whether you’re a pipe fan, or are merely curious, check out our incredible range right here.

Nameste Ireland has an enormous range of smoking pipes, no matter what your taste is you’re sure to be able to find a pipe that suits you. Pipes come in a staggering array of variants including, glass pipes, spoon shaped pipes, one-hitters, and even fun novelty pipes. These pipes all come in a range of different materials including wood, steel, anodized aluminum, glass, and scientific-grade borosilicate glass!

Its clear that we have a smoking pipe for everyone, from the novice looking for their first pipe to the discerning connoisseur looking for a fantastic addition to their collection in order to enjoy their smoking experience in an entirely new way. There is a style, size, and standard of smoking pipe out there for any herb fan, we can guarantee you that you will find a piece that you will love.

If you’re in a gift-giving mood then look no further than a glass pipe. The best thing about a pipe is that it is an all-in-one unit! They rarely require assembly, they never need extra components, and they are a must-have for any herb fan. We have a variety of gorgeous pipe gift sets that will suit any occasion.

There are several popular varieties of pipe, each with their own incredible effects on the smoking experience.

Spoon Pipes

Spoon smoking pipes are one of the most popular pipe designs. They come in a gigantic range of gorgeous colours and sizes. Easy to pack and easy to light, spoon pipes are incredible pieces that are a must have for any pipe fan.

One Hitter Pipes

These compact and discreet glass pipes are perfect for a quick, short hit. They are generally small pipes with a tiny bowl the perfect size for just ‘one hit’. If you want quick, discreet hits then one hitters are for you!

Sherlock Pipes

For a classic edge to your smoking experience try out a sherlock smoking pipe. We deduce that the sherlock pipes are the classiest pipe design on the market, it’s elementary knowledge that this is due to its retro design.

Dugout Pipes

Dugouts pipes are also known as cigarette bat, is a pipe that usually comes in two parts: One hitter and storage system. Dugout pipes are perfect if you are looking for a classic and interesting alternative to mainstream pipes.