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Namaste Vapes Ireland has one of the largest stocks of high quality Vaporizers on the market. We supply everything from the world famous Storz & Bikel Volcano to the ever popular Portable Vaporizers like the Pax and Firefly. We are even a Pax UK official distributor. Also we have the Mighty Vaporizer, Crafty Vaporizer,the Davinci IQ and numerous Kandypens and Arizer product. The Irish vaporizer scene is exploding right now so get on it while you are able to.There are four different types of vaporizers as you can see below.

Portable Vaporizers

The first type is also the most popular and that is portable vaporizers. These include both Pax's, the Mighty and the Davinci IQ. These vaporizers can be taken on the go wherever you need to go. They can also fit inside your pocket if you don't want to carry it around with you. The portable vaporizers equate to about 90% of the bets vaporizers in the world. Mixing tremendous strength along with amazing usability and being able to easily carry it around wherever you go it's no wonder why most people choose a portable vaporizer when buying.

Desktop Vaporizers

The second main type of vape is the Desktop Vaporizer. These are the big dogs. There's no stopping you once you start vaping with a desktop vape. The pure vaping power that these are capable of producing is truly outstanding. Also known as table vaporizers you need room to use these properly as they are usually quite heavy and harder to carry around. The most famous desktop vape is the Arizer Extreme Q and at only €174.95 its easy to see why its the best selling desktop vape. That's not to say there isn't an abundance of high quality desktop vaporizers on Namaste Vapes Ireland. We also stock the Digital Volcano. It gives you one the smoothest session you will ever had. Enough for all you friends if you choose to go for the Volcano as it comes with a balloon so that you can fill it with smoke and share it with all of your mates.The desktop vapes are usually only used by experts as they are usually more expensive and require more set up than the regular vaporizers.

Pen Vaporizers

The next type is the pen vaporizers or the vape pen. Quite slim and small ,depending on which one you have, pen vaporizers are in Ireland for the more casual vaping fans. A lot of people would use them to help them stop smoking as they are quite similar in size and feel to a cigarette. The most popular vape pens that Namaste Vapes have to offer are the Linx Hypnos Zero Vaporizer, the Grizzly Honey Dab Pen  and the Kandypens Slim Kit in Black. The Linx Hypnos Zero Vaporizer is the most popular vape pen we have because it gives you the smoothest pull out of any of the other pens on Namaste Ireland and at only €84.95 its a proper steal. The Grizzly Honey Dab Pen Vaporizer is a cheaper alternative to the Linx Hypnos at only €38.95. So if the Linx Hypnos is a steal at €84.95 then the Grizzly Honey Dab Pen Vaporizer is most definitely a steal. You will find no better vaporizer any where in the world or online for under €40.

Concentrate Vaporizers

The next main type of vaporizer that we sell here on Namaste Vapes Ireland is the Concentrate Vaporizer. We have a range of Concentrate vapes below including the popular G Pen and Dr. D Ghost, but the top seller concentrate vaporizer is the Dr. Dabber Boost from Dr. Dabber who continue to keep their heads exactly where they should be - in some of the largest vape clouds we have ever seen! And if having the perfect concentrate vaporizer is important to you, well then you really should check out the exquisite Rosin Solventless Oil Press for a DIY solution to making you own extracts at home! It is so easy to use and you have concentrates in 3 minutes! What could be better?

Things you should know About Vapes

Heating Method for Vaporizer

There are two main methods for vaporizers heating: Conduction and convection. Usually convention is thought of as being a superior heating method when compared to conduction/ This is because in convection the heating element and the dry herbs never come into direct contact and the active ingredients are vaporized by hot air. Convection heating is much more commonly found in desktop vaporizers. Conduction heating is often more common in portable vaporizers as it involves the transfer of heat through direct contact which is a quicker method of releasing the active ingredients.

Temperature Control:

The optimal temperature range of vaporization is 180-200 °C. Many vaporizers have automatic heat setting features based on how you use the device, while some others may allow you to adjust the temperature manually.

Power Source:

When you are selecting your vaporizer you need to consider the power source. The power sources of vaporizers can range from wall adapters, butane to some manner of rechargeable battery. Desktop vaporizers usually use wall adapters which are generally consistent across all models. The majority of portable vaporizers rely on rechargeable battery or butane.


So there you have it folks! Above is just a short summery of the vapes that we carry here at Namaste Vapes Ireland. So check them out when you can and why don't you buy a few while your at it! So what are you waiting for? There's no time like the present!

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