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Bongs are a classic way to experience amazing dry herb sessions with smooth hits, and tasty smoke.

They came about as for centuries people have been using some form of water pipe to cool the smoke from their dry herb. Evidence of ancient water bongs have been unearthed in Mesopotamia and China. The first patent for a water bong was filed in the US in the 1960s. Clearly they have a long and established legacy and they are as popular today as they have always been.

The modern iteration of the bong is just as much of a favourite for indulging in some quality smoking sessions as it ever has. Bong manufacturers are among the most innovative companies in the herb scene, and the contemporary bongs have more variety and innovation than ever.

Bongs Ireland - What type of bong?

Whatever your taste, you can find a fantastic bong made from scientific-grade glass, all-natural bamboo, or even in silicone or acrylic. There are a huge range of different bong styles, from classic tubes and beakers to more modern recyclers and bubblers. There are endless options to serve any bong fan whether you want something unique or a more classic style.

We offer bongs at a range of prices from affordable and effective acrylic bongs, to high end borosilicate glass luxury pieces. We stock the finest bong and water pipe brands from across the globe. We pride ourselves in offering our customers our favorite brands including RooR, EHLE, Grav Labs, Grace Glass, and much more!

For those willing to experiment there is a whole world of bongs for you to experience. Innovations like percolators and ice notches will cool your hits. Beaker base bongs will give you extra stability. As name suggests, beaker base bongs have a broader base to hold extra water and offer more stability. So you can enjoy a more filtered and cooler hit. Sturdy acrylic bongs will ensure that you never have to worry about your bong breaking thanks to a wayward elbow. All of our acrylic bongs are built from food-grade materials, so you can enjoy a tasty, toxin free hit that will rival the hit from a glass bong.

For ultimate purity and heat resistance check out our high quality borosilicate glass bongs. Borosilicate glass is a type of premium, high quality glass. It is created by adding boron to glass during the manufacturing process, this increases its heat resistance and will prevent stress fractures due to thermal shock! Borosilicate glass bongs also offer tasty, clean hits with no plasticy tastes.

Check out our fantastic range below for the right bong for you. No matter your tastes, whether you prefer beautiful glass bongs or sturdy acrylics for those crazy packed house parties. You will find what you need here. If you need any assistance, feel free to log into a live help chat now with one of our many bong experts. Whether you want a large bong, a compact bong, a 2 foot tall bong, a towering 4 foot tall bong, a bong for ice or a bong for water.

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