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Dr. Dabber

An absolute specialist in the pen vape, the team behind Dr. Dabber were growing frustrated with many of the portable vaporizers on the market right now and so sought to create their own experience. Convenient. Reliable. Potent. Delicious. These are all things the Dr. Dabber pen vapes were designed to excel in and they’ve that without a doubt. From their home offices in Las Vegas, they’ve spent years on research and development to create their premier products. Created out of necessity and fueled by desire.  Dr. Dabber have already gotten themselves quite the following and with their community behind them they’ll continue to make high quality products, and now these products are in Ireland.

Dr. Dabber Light Pen Ireland

The Dr. Dabber Light is a compact version of the Dr. Dabber Ghost and it uses low-heat Titanium Technology. The Dr. Dabber Light is inexpensive but delivers big on flavour. It contains high quality components but has a much slimmer and stealthier design for discreteness while traveling.

Dr. Dabber Boost Vaporizer Ireland

The Dr. Dabber Boost. The portable, battery powered rig by Dr. Dabber includes a titanium domeless nail much like you would see in a traditional glass setup. It functions via a glass water filtration system to give you that perfect cool dabbing experience. This unit averages 50-60 uses on a single charge!