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EDIT Collection

A very special collection of lesser known vaping gear and accessories at very easy to reach price points. This is a unique collection, found only at Namastevapes.com, and ready for Ireland. The EDIT collection was created with the consumer in mind and is the place to go for these unseen gems, especially if budget is a concern for you. Included in the collection are very simple and discreet vaping pens, as well as blockier, tastier convection vaporizers for people who’d prefer a strong session vape to something you could take just on the go. Also in the collection is a great crank operated, 4-part grinder for really getting the most out of your dry herbs.

EDIT Collection Ireland

Session vapes. Pen vapes. E-Nails. We’ve got them all here. You won’t find much better value than the slashed prices of these effective vaporizers and accessories. The products on this collection aren’t very well known. The Shhhh! Concentrate vaporizer. The Big Juicy Ohm. They might not get a lot of attention but let me tell you right now, being on this list is a sign of quality. We wouldn’t have let them on otherwise. These vapes are perfect for either portable, throughout the day use or even party vaping or long session vaping.

Each of the portables in this collection come at under £100, making them a much safer choice for people on a budget, or even just first time vapers who’re looking to see what the craze is all about without breaking the bank.