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Flowermate Vaporizers

Flowermate’s main focus is taking a care to both dry herb and concentrates and elevating them to another level. With their products, they’re able to deliver an experience like no other. Perfect for the Ireland. Sleek and practical, these are some of the perfect vapes for daily herb or wax use, but done in style. We have for you here a whole range of Flowermate’s best products. These effective models are perfect for any casual or heavy session with each model specializing in something different. Despite the range offered by Flowermate, one thing is common across most of their models is their hybrid functions, allowing you to vaporize all kinds of herbs and concentrates.

Flowermate Hybrid and Hybrid X Ireland

One of Flowermate’s flagship products. The Flowermate Hybrid, and it’s bigger brother, the Flowermate Hybrid X, are known for vaporizing everything from Dry Herbs to all kinds of concentrates with an immense amount of efficiency and taste to go with it. Choosing either the Hybrid or the Hybrid X will give you a high-quality ceramic heating chamber with a full range of temperatures to get the best taste possible.

Flowermate IHit Ireland

A Very high performance E-Nail that is unmatched in the market right now in combining performance and features. The Flowermate IHit. A torchless E-Nail that is compatible with Dry Herbs, waxes and other concentrates and uses a purely convection system to deliver to you the best hit possible. When you get the IHit, you’re getting a whole range of extra’s added on. On purchase, apart from the regular E-Nail gear, such as the battery pack, glass pathways and interchangeable nails depending on what you’re vaporizing, you also get a Water Adapter, Steel Screens, Steel Pods, Liquid Chamber and Thermale Rubber bands.

Flowermate Swift Ireland

Another great Flowermate product, The Flowermate Swift is a fantastic convection vaporizer unlike the other models which runs off of conduction, but also unlike the others, it only works with Dry Herbs, so if you aren’t a heavy concentrate user, this might be your next, perfect vape.