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G Spot Glass Ireland 

Strength and beauty are key to G-Spot’s design philosophy and looking at their fantastic range of bongs you can see that they take that deadly seriously. Their bongs are resilient and beautiful and will stand the test of time while providing you with hundreds of quality, tasty hits.

G-Spot have been creating some of the highest quality and most functional glass you could possibly find since 2001. Every glass piece is expertly handmade and crafted from only the finest high-grade borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is a special type of glass that is perfect for use in bongs and other smoking glass as it is created by adding boron to glass as it is made. The resulting product is resistant to thermal shock so you won’t have to worry about stress fractures ruining your pieces!

G Spot Bongs Ireland

G-Spot build all of their great products in their personal facility located in Wertheim, Germany. However what really sets them apart from the all of their competition, and what really made them the bog giant that they are known as today is their invention and creation of the innovative Solid Tank Joint that features on many of their pieces. In the past bongs were somewhat notorious for splitting and breaking at the joint as this was the most fragile part on the entire glass bong.

The Solid Tank Joint changed this and changed the entire bong the game once it was created and released onto the market. G-Spot constructed using the Solid Tank Joint with an innovative grinding technique on the interior of the piece. They then covered it  in layers of thick, sturdy  glass which was intended to to withstand the pressure even the hardest hits.

In their design philosophy, G-Spot count strength and beauty as two of their principal priorities. They have really stuck to this brief, creating some of the most striking and sturdy pieces on the market.

We stock a massive range of high qualiyt  G-Spot glass pieces for you to choose from. Be sure that you take your time and find the piece that suits your smoking experience needs the best. Whether you are looking for bongs composed of simple, straight, and  clean lines, or  pieces with beautiful outlandish glass curves, striking  glass orbs or even all of the above then you have certainly come to the right place! G-Spot have ensured that their product range features nothing but pure elegance and class brought together with expert engineering and build quality..

We also stock some of G-Spot’s outstanding and exemplary  handbuilt hand pipes. These pipes have become incredibly popular thanks to their striking, classy designs and their durable construction. These G-Spot hand pipes are incredibly affordable and are made from some of the highest quality materials that G-Spot have access to!

If you are looking for a range of sturdy, strong, and striking bongs then you can’t go wrong by checking out G-Spot. You are sure to find a piece that will offer you great hits and will last you years no matter what you throw at it!