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Glass Bongs

Glass Bongs

Glass Bongs remain to be the long-time favourite of the smoking community and for very good reason. The ability to withstand high temperatures and constant bombardment with hot smokey air, all while remaining neutral to the process and not contaminating the end product in any way is a feat that most materials struggle to accomplish.

Borosilicate Glass is has heightened durability due to its resistance to thermal shock i.e. it can withstand very high temperatures without becoming brittle. That’s the main reason borosilicate glass is used in most glass bongs. Borosilicate glass is created by adding the element boron to glass during its creation. This leads to a form of glass that is resistant to thermal shock and its resulting stress fractures.

Walls thickness ranges mainly within 3.5mm - 7mm with the thicker walls offering more durability and the ability to withstand harder knocks but remember, it is still glass and will break if abused so treat your bong as you would a pet! The shape and size of glass bongs varies immensely and you’ll have to research to see which is the best for you. Removable glass bowls and stems are always a bonus and most joints are 14.5mm so you can mix and match your favourite bongs bits. The glass connection also offers a great fit with no gaps for letting the good stuff escape. When filled with water also, the glass walls help to keep the whole system cool and ensure your hit is silky smooth.

Living in this ever changing world can be difficult at times, that’s why it’s nice to able to turn to those things in life that remain the same, like a good reliable glass bong. Design and structure may have been altered over time, but only to meet your wants and needs, and the quality of glass used has only improved so that today we can offer you these usable pieces of art in the form of bongs from world-class manufacturers.