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Grinders Ireland

See here a collection of Dry Herb Grinders available in Ireland from NamasteVapes. These are suitable for grinding your dry herbs to ensure a smoother session helping you improve both body and your mind. Ensure that your dry herb materials are at the same consistency every time. Grinding increases the surface area of your dry herbs helping you get a more consistent vape draw each time. It also can help you conserve your herbs by giving you those more consistent sessions.

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Why Grind Dry Herbs Before Vaping?

We know that with the availability of decent dry herbs being where it is at the moment in Ireland you need to get the most out of what you can get. Grinding dry herbs for vaping is a must. It helps increase surface area ensuring you are having minimal wastage and taking in as much vape as possible. 

Types of Dry Herb Grinders

There are several types of grinders that can be used with vaporizers:

The traditional two part dry herb grinder - It is certain to get the job done and keeps all your materials and their active properties together

Three part grinder - For those who like to mix it up a bit a three or even 4 part grinder usually as an extra storage compartment and a sieve that can separate some dry herbs from active ingredients that lie on the surface or within the herb. This allows you to revisit your collection part to get an extra potent vape rip later. 

Wood vs Plastic Grinders - When it comes down to it these do not differ too much, Metal ones usually win in a popularity game but some would say they "remove the nature element" of a smoking experience and keep the best flavour.

Dry herb grinders are an essential part of any herb fans smoking or vaping kit. You have to ensure you can get the best dry herb experience possible.