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Grizzly Originals

Grizzly Originals - based in Canada, bring to us their new and innovative vaporizer - The Guru. The Guru is a universal, portable vaporizer which is capable of vaporizing dried herb, waxes and liquids making it an extremely popular choice for vapers (especially first time buyers!)

The Grizzly Guru

The Grizzly Guru is designed by Canadians in order to bring you to paradise. An advantage the Guru has over competitors is that unlike other vaporizers on the market, the Guru performs excellently as a dried herb vaporizer, while also being more than capable of handling waxes, concentrates and e-cig juices as well!

The Guru avails of a ceramic chamber and an all glass mouthpiece, which cuts out a lot of problems with other vaporizers in regards to bad tastes and plastic flavours and glues. Many people can get hung up on what type of grinding is needed for dry herbs before being vaporized, not with the Grizzly Guru. The Guru does not need it's dry herb materials grinded and can be used straight away.