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Haze Vaporizers

In 2013 in Atlanta Georgia, Haze technologies was created to make themselves be one of the market leaders in vaporization. Using their multi-chambered technology, they’re hoping to change the game. After extensive research and development, Haze eventually brought out their Haze Dual in 2014 and have since then brought out two other sequels to this amazing vape. Marketing themselves as the ultimate vaporizer for outdoor use, the line of Haze Duals are incredibly portable, easy to use, and versatile. Haze have claimed that their nowhere near done yet and will continue to focus on and excel in quality manufacturing and customer service. These vapes are now available in Ireland so check yours out today!

Haze V3 Vaporizer Ireland

Looking to build on the success of the V2 and the V2.5, Haze technologies bring to us the Haze V3 Dual Vape. Similar to it's predecessors, the Haze V3 features two heating chambers which allows for it to vaporize dry blends, aromatherapy concentrates and also e-cig oils. If just two chambers wasn’t enough, those chambers are made from strong fibreglass which is incredibly resistance to the high temperatures. Durable and sturdy, the V3 has really just built on its older successes and made some improvements. This innovative vaping technology really sets the Haze apart from the rest in the portable vaporizer range. Also, the Haze V3 is really aesthetically pleasing with a compact, discreet and sturdy design incorporated. Haze, in a bid to improve performance, has updated the temperature control system on the V3 vaporizer. The new temperature regulator is more precise, and not affected by minor changes in altitude, humidity,outside temperature or even air pressure.