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HipVap Vaporizers

HipVap, a vaporizer manufacturer that is based out of Colorado, spotted a gap in the market for a vaporizer that did not lack in quality however was still sturdy, rugged and durable enough to suit somebody with a very active lifestyle. The innovative guys at HipVap then created a sophisticated and stylish portable vaporizer, The HipVap portable vape - a vaporizer that is small enough and rugged enough to go wherever you go, giving you the perfect puff every time. Experience the difference, because this vape is perfect for long treks through Ireland more beautiful, more rural areas.

HipVap Portable Vaporizer Ireland

The HipVap Vaporizer is a stylish new portable vaporizer and the creators really do pride themselves on producing an attractive combination of form, function and high standards for their vaporizers. The HipVap is a sleek, compact and innovate portable vaporizer. Rather than preset temperatures, the HipVap avails of a temperature control system that allows you to vape at just the right temperature for your favorite dry herbs, waxes, or oils. The HipVap is designed to work with both dry aromatherapy blends and concentrates.

The Hipvap is so easy to use  and the heat up time is incredibly fast, taking only seconds before your draw is ready. The backlit LCD screen tells you in real time of the temperature and easily notifies you of when the vape is ready to go. The HipVap portable is quality built with anodized aluminium and with two, large, lithium ion batteries, the vape can charge up incredibly fast and keep going for 2.5 hours. To ensure this battery life remains optimal, the HipVap also has a safety auto-shutdown feature that detects when it's been left idle and will begin to cool down.