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Kandypens Vaporizers

KandyPens, Inc. is based in Santa Barbara, CA, USA. KandyPens are trying their best to revolutionize the vaporizer scene with their introduction of Pen vaporizers. KandyPens are an innovative company who are trying to produce diverse and powerful range of pen vapes and providing something new to their customers, and now that those customers include Ireland. 

24K Limited Edition K-Vape Ireland

A limited edition, but a piece you can get right here at Namastevapes, and ready to go for Ireland if this is a piece that sparks your fancy. An incredibly intelligent piece with true convection technology and almost no chance to combust the herbs you use. With a .6 stainless steel chamber and a heat up time of under 30 seconds, Kandy Pen have really gone all out on this special, one of a kind vaporizer. It also comes with a safety, 3-minute idle shutdown time to help conserve battery life.

Galaxy Vaporizer Pen Ireland

The Galaxy Vaporizer Pen features a deep, wickless quartz crystal chamber and an elevated air flow system. The temperature controlled battery, dual quartz rods and titanium coil makes this concentrate pen very unique and desirable. The Galaxy Pen features a black glossy enamel with a sparkle finish in either black

Gravity Vaporizer Pen Ireland

The Gravity Vaporizer Pen features a deep, wick-less quartz crystal chamber and also a coil-less chamber with a ceramic dish. The elevated air flow system, dual quartz rods and titanium coil makes this concentrate vape pen a unique experience while also ensuring that it is among the most popular vape pens available. The Gravity Pen is 510 threaded and features a 10 Second Auto-Shutoff.