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Percolator Bongs

Percolator Bongs Ireland

Percolator bongs are the last word in smooth, cool filtration for your bong. They are amazing innovations and if you value a mellow hit then a percolator bong is a MUST have.

In short, percolators are extra filtration pipes found inside a dry herb bong or water pipe, often they are found inside the main water reservoir or within the neck of the bong found up towards the mouthpiece.

There is a myriad of different styles and designs of percolator that may at first look very different. However the fundamental principle is the exact same no matter the design. A percolator works by pulling smoke and water through the perc by the negative pressure created by the user taking a hit from the bong. The first thing this process does is that it speeds up heat transfer. The heat transfer is that, the hot heat is quickly cooled down by the bubbling, moving, and aerated water.

The next stage of the percolation process is diffusion. Diffusion is an action that breaks up the smoke of your bong hit into multiple, fine bubbles. This actually increases the surface area of your hit, which means that the water in the bong can cool more of the hit as it passes through the bong. This process further cools the smoke of your hit and also filters out a certain amount of harmful toxins carcinogens, and carbon particulates from your hit. The result is a spectacular bubbling action and a smooth, cool hit every single sesh.

We carry the very finest bong brands and stock a truly gigantic range of perc bongs from all the leading manufacturers such as Roor, Grace Glass, Grav Labs and much, much more.

If you truly value the flavor and coolness of your dry herb smoke, and if you like to enjoy great big hits that don’t scorch your lungs then you need a percolator bong. On top of all this fantastic functionality there is a fantastic aesthetic side to percolator bongs. Creating a percolator require a certain level of glasswork mastery. Some varieties of percolators are truly striking and impressive examples of glasswork. They can be incredibly intricate and beautiful pieces that will stand out in any collection. No true bong collection is complete without a selection of gorgeous and complicated percolator bongs.

For the ultimate fusion of form and function you need not look any further than a percolator bong. They are among the finest pieces we stock and we guarantee you that you will not be disappointed with any of our high quality percolator bongs.