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Portable Vaporizers Ireland

The best Portable Vaporizers to be found in Ireland have just as much functionality as any traditional desktop vape but are designed to be discreet and to easily fit inside your pocket. A Portable Vaporizer comes in many shapes and sizes - they can be battery or butane operated. Be sure to check out the PAX 3 Vaporizer! by PAX Labs for the ultimate cloud experience.

The Modern Portable Vaporizer

In the more recent years handheld vaporizer designs have become increasingly more creative and stealthy as well as aesthetically pleasing making them satisfying to hold and use. Thanks to these innovations, the popularity of Portable Vaporizers are on the rise. For industry leaders in design and performance; credit has to be given to PAXLabs for the PAX2 as well as to Firefly for their latest Firefly 2 - they are consistently proving that you can have sleek style as well as a great performing portable vape in your pocket, bag or purse. The latest premium Vape to take the world by storm is the IQ from DaVinci which is winning over many admirers with it's subtle and sleek design.

How Does A Vaporizer Work?

Vaporizers work by heating dry herb until the active ingredients inside it heat up and evaporate. Once this happens the user simply inhales it through the mouthpiece; enjoying all the beneficial properties of herb without any of the nasty pollutants and carcinogens released by combustion. This is generally done with one of two methods: Convection, or conduction.


Conduction is the most common form of heating found in portable vaporizers. It works by putting dry herb indirect contact with the heating element and acting directly upon its surface area. Due to this it is beneficial to grind your herb before putting it into your vape. Grinding your herb breaks it down and increases the surface area and results in a more even, thicker vapor. Conduction vaporizers boast a very fast heat up time, so you won’t have to wait long to enjoy your dry herb. The downside of combustion is that if used incorrectly a combustion vape can result in combustion! Ruining your smooth vapor and releasing harmful toxins.


Convection vaporizers don’t heat your dry herb directly they instead heat air and allow it to flow over the herb much in the same way a fan oven works. Convection vaporizers produce a thick, high quality vapor. Convection vaporizers sometimes take longer to heat up but have a zero percent chance of combustion.

Why Buy A Portable Vaporizer in Ireland?

A portable vaporizer is a fantastic device that allows you to enjoy all the beneficial properties of dry herb without subjecting your lungs to the acrid smoke and carcinogens released when smoking dry herb blends. Portable vaporizers are the last word in convenience, they enable you to enjoy a full, flavorsome vape experience wherever you want discreetly and healthily. Vaporizers are perfect for those seeking the medicinal effects of herb, as you can finely adjust the temperature on many models to maximise the dose of any active ingredient.

If Discreteness is important to you then portable vaporizers are ideal, they are small, unobtrusive, and don’t leave any lingering smells like other forms of herb consumption.

Vaporizers are rapidly becoming the most popular method of enjoying herb and the sheer speed at which the Irish vaporizer scene has grown is testament to the sheer quality and advantages of vaporizers. Join the revolution and find out just why portable vapes are becoming the new normal for enjoying dry herb blends across Ireland. See below for a gigantic range of high quality models at fantastic prices that won’t let you down.

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