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Rosin - What is it?

Rosin has quickly rose to fame within the smoking community, and for good reason! To put it simply, Rosin is a solventless technique meaning that there are no harmful and unwanted toxins in the finished product. Known for it’s full flavors and incredible hits, rosin quickly rose to fame over the years and now rather than just being a commercial venture, you can now buy your very own extraction equipment here at NamasteVapes!

Combining heat and pressure to squeeze out the resinous sap from your favorite flower or kief, the end result is a sticky, waxy residue that you can enjoy in any of our concentrate vaporizers! Take it from us when you try rosin for the first time you’ll be amazed by the smooth and delicious vapor it produces and the incredible hit you get from it.

While it is a messier and more expensive way to enjoy a session, take it from us it’s worth it! Not only is it a healthier alternative to smoking but the flavor is out of this world! You’ll wonder why you didn’t enter the world of concentrates sooner! Take it from us you’ll be making a life-long investment from which you can reap the rewards!

Here at Namaste we are proud to say that we stock two of the biggest names in the rosin industry, both of which are known for their attention to detail and out-of-this-world quality; Rosinbomb and RosinTech.


Whether you’re using it for commercial or personal purposes, RosinTech have built long-lasting and investment-worthy pieces of kit! Made from the highest quality materials, their pieces of kit such as the RTP Professional Series will not let you down!


RosinBomb have had the long standing reputation for creating some of the finest pieces of kit within the rosin community and for good reason! Easy to use and delivering excellent results it looks like RosinBomb is here to stay! Combining passion to their craft as well as the highest quality materials imaginable, we here at Namaste have fallen in love with their products such as the Rosinbomb Rocket and the RosinBomb Super Rosin Press and take it from us, you will too!