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Sticky Brick Labs Vaporizers

A manufacturer of some rustic, wooden gems, Sticky Brick Labs are a leading designers in wooden vaporizers with their patented modular design. Strong and built to last, a Sticky Brick vape uses a butane torch to light and vaporize, meaning you can take it on the go and not have to worry about electrical needs. No batteries and no charging required and the heat up time is incredibly fast. Sticky Brick Labs are just expert vape crafters who manufacture all of their models out of North Carolina and all of the pieces they make are handmade, adding to their aesthetic value.

Have you ever seen a vape this beautiful? All-natural and made with strong woods such as Cherry or Walnut. Combined with the lack of dependency on Electricity, you can really get to grips with this vape and treat your herbs right with it, not to mention taking good draws from that large, borosilicate mouthpiece is fantastic, keeping your vapor cool and fresh.

The Brick Ireland

The Brick, also sometimes called the OG Sticky Brick is the first vape by Sticky Brick Labs and their flagship product as well as the standard we hold them to, which is by the way a very high standard. Everything that Sticky Brick Labs built themselves on can be found in this model. The modular, quick-click design, rustic aesthetic and 100%, on demand, convection butane heating right at your fingertips at a competitive price point.

Stick Brick Junior Ireland

The Sticky Brick Junior is the younger brother of the The Sticky Brick but works almost just as well. Still very much at the top of the game in terms of quality and efficiency, the Sticky Brick Junior also comes in at a much cheaper price point, making it better for those of you who want a high-end vape, but on a budget.

Hydro Brick Ireland

The HydroBrick is a step up even for the good people at Sticky Brick labs. With it’s altered design and 18mm ground glass connection, the Hydro Brick is a lot more compatible with inserted extras such as hydrotubes and whips, making it a great investment if you plan on basing all of your sessions around it.