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The Happy Kit

Have no fear, the Happy Kits are here! Designed to be the perfect pick me up for when you're on the go, the Happy Kits boast a variety of features that we here at Namaste have simply fallen in love with! No matter what you love doing, there is a Happy Kit out there for you! To make things even better, they won't break the bank! So, what are you waiting for? Go get your little bundle of joy now! 

The Happy Kit Mini

The Happy Kit Mini is an awesome little kit to store all your day to day smoking equipment in one place! To make things even better it comes in a virtually smell-proof case so no matter where you go, you'll have maximum discretion. Small enough to fit in most pockets, you won't have to worry about drawing unwanted attention to yourself! Take it from us, if you buy the Happy Kit, you'll believe the saying that the best things come in small packages!

The Happy Kit Deluxe

The Happy Kit Deluxe is the perfect pick up and go solution to keeping all your favorite smoking equipment neatly and safely stored away all in one case! This kit includes a beautiful pipe, a grinder and a one hitter among a variety of other things! This kit is the perfect companion for when you're on the go putting ease of access and discretion as top priority, you simply can't go wrong with the Happy Kit Deluxe!

The Happy Dab Kit

Before the Happy Dab Kits came onto the scene many people considered dabbing to be a messy experience. The Happy Dab Kit puts all them claims to rest and now no matter where you are you can dab with no problems!

The Very Happy Kit

If you're looking for the ultimate key to happiness, look no further! The Very Happy Kit is here! Large enough to spread the joy among your friends while being small enough for you to take with you on the go the Very Happy Kit is something we here at Namaste that we simply can't get enough of! Featuring a glass spoon pipe, grinder, a one-hitter pipe as well as a concentrates container and a poker to name a few things, the Very Happy Kit has everything you could possibly need for a high quality session!