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Best Vaporizers of 2019

Best Portable Vaporizers - NamasteVapes Ireland

Here at NamasteVapes Ireland, we take pride in providing the best of the best products available within the smoking community, and once you’ve finished reading through our top contenders, we think you’ll agree when we say that these bad boys will remain at the top of their game for much of 2019! Finding a vaporizer to suit your needs and lifestyle is tough, especially if you’re new to the community, but we hope after you’ve finished reading this article, that your decision will be a lot easier to make!

Each product is based on a variety of factors such as vapor quality, durability and ease of use, and we intend on updating this list throughout the coming year, so if we find a product out there that sends the predecessor up in smoke, you’ll be the first to know!

While everyone’s budget is different we feel that it is important to stress that high quality vaporizers, while expensive, are made from higher quality materials and are more likely to produce higher quality vapor. However, with that being said, there are some incredibly affordable vaporizers out there that are regarded highly by Namaste in terms of their build and vapor quality!

So, without further ado, sit back, relax and get ready for the best vaporizers of 2019 for Namaste Vapes Ireland!

Category Vaporizer Price Shop Vaporizer
Most Portable Vaporizer PAX 3 €256.99 Shop PAX 3
Most Compact Vaporizer Fury 2 €129.9 Shop Fury 2
Best Battery Life Mighty Vaporizer €318.00 Shop Mighty
Best Desktop Vaporizer The Volcano Digital €419.99 Shop Volcano
Best Overall Vaporizer G Pen Elite €99.99 Shop G Pen
Best Mid-Range Vaporizer The PAX 2 Vaporizer €149.95 Shop PAX 2
Best Vapor Quality The DaVinci IQ €249.99 Shop DaVinci IQ
Best Upgraded Vaporizer Arizer Air II €192.99 Shop Air II
Fan Favorite Arizer Extreme Q €142.99 Shop Extreme Q
Best Aesthetic Vaporizer The Hydrology 9 Vaporizer €209.99 Shop Hydrology
Best Vaporizer Under €200 The Boundless Tera €199.99 Shop Boundless Tera
Best Vaporizer Under €100 XMAXX Starry Vaporizer €79.99 Shop XMAXX
Best Vaporizer Under €50 The Black Mamba €39.99 Shop Black Mamba
Best Cheap Vaporizer The Penguin Vaporizer €34.99 Shop Penguin
Best New Vaporizer DaVinci MIQRO €159.00 Shop MIQRO

Most Portable Vaporizer

Based on: Size, Weight, Concealment and Discreetness

Most Portable Vaporizer - PAX 3

PAX 3 Vaporizer - €256.99

It comes as no surprise that the PAX 3 Vaporizer has made the best products of 2019 list is it? Known to be one of the heavy hitters within the vaping community, the PAX 3 has blown us all away here at Namaste! Resembling a portable charger and so small it can fit into virtually any pocket or purse, the PAX 3 is a serious contender in 2019. Identical to its predecessor, the PAX 2 on the outside, there has been a few notable changes on the inside that we have simply fallen in love with! Sleek, compact and incredibly effective, you simply couldn’t get much better than this!

One of the biggest changes with the PAX 3 is that it now can vaporize concentrates! It has to be noted however, that while having the ability to vape both dry herbs and concentrates is a great feature to have on a vape, there are products out there that were designed for the sole purpose of vaping concentrates and if dabbing is your preferred method, you’re better off investing in something different than the PAX 3.

The PAX 3 has temperatures ranging from 360F - 420F, with each temperature being displayed on the LED petals on the face of the device, not only adding to the overall aesthetic of the device, but also giving you the freedom to find what temperature setting is for you! Taking between 15-20 seconds to fully heat before use the PAX 3 is one of the best vaporizers to take with you on the go, giving you the freedom to enjoy a session no matter where you are in virtually no time at all! The PAX 3 vaporizer boasts a 3500mAh battery, which is an upgrade from the PAX 2 and gives you on average about 100 minutes of use on a single charge.

Discretion is another factor the PAX 3 shines, with minimal odor coming from your vapor, and offering options to dim the LED’s the PAX 3 is the perfect companion to have with you when you’re on the go! As if all this wasn’t enough we here at Namaste also offer a wonderful range of accessories for the PAX 3, to help you take your sessions to new heights!

Shop PAX 3

Most Compact Vaporizer

Based on: Easiest Dry Herb Vape to pocket and conceal


The Fury 2 - €129.99

The Fury 2 is one of our newer additions to the NamasteVapes family and we have fallen in love with it! When people say that the best things come in small packages they were talking about the Fury 2 vaporizer! Made from Kirksite alloy, this pocket powerhouse is light and durable, making it the perfect companion for when you’re on the go! As if that wasn’t enough they’ve also added a rubberized finish to improve grip and a protective cover to prevent any unwanted material to get into your vaporizer!

The only downfall we really have with the Fury 2 is that the mouthpiece is quite large compared to its competitors, but having said that it doesn't affect the quality of the session.

One aspect of the Fury 2 that has to be noted is it’s astounding vapor quality. For such a small vape you’d expect the vapor to be quite hot as it doesn’t have to travel very far through the vaporizer, however, the Fury 2 produces some of the finest vapor we have ever seen for a vaporizer in its price range! Whether you choose to use the mouthpiece alone or should you prefer to use the water pipe adapter that is included with the device you are guaranteed some of the highest quality clouds with some of the best flavor you have ever tasted! Here at Namaste we recommend that you grind your herb finely and pack it loose in order to maximise the vapor and flavor quality.

The main area in which the Fury 2 excels is in its discretion. Fitting into virtually any pocket and slipping nicely into your hand, the Fury 2 has the tiny dimensions of 2in x 1in x 3in and weights a miniscule 4.8 ounces! So, it’s no surprise that the Fury 2 Vaporizer has won the title of most compact vaporizer! As well as all this the Fury 2 offers maximum discretion when you set it to stealth mode!

Namaste also offers a variety of accessories for the Fury 2 to maximise the quality of your session!

Shop Fury 2

Best Battery Life

Based on: Best Average Battery Life per full charge


The Mighty Vaporizer €318.00

Germans are known for their efficiency and when it comes to Storz and Bickel, their products are of no exception! They have had the long standing reputation for creating some of the most long-lasting, durable and high quality vaporizers we have ever seen! In terms of battery life, the Mighty Vaporizer knocks all their competitors out of the park , boasting 2 batteries within the unit, making it the ultimate partner in crime for long journeys or days away!

Despite being built from plastic, Storz and Bickel have managed to create a high quality feel and look with the Mighty Vaporizer. One aspect of the design that we love about the Mighty is the ribbed edges promoting improved grip and comfort in your hand! The display screen is bright and easy to see so you won’t have any trouble in finding the right setting for you. The vapor quality in the Mighty Vaporizer is just as good as the build quality! A.k.a. Nothing short of amazing! Smooth and cool and full of flavor, you couldn’t get much better than this!

One area which the Mighty Vaporizer falls short is in its discretion, larger than some of it’s competitors, you would find it difficult to conceal it when you’re on the go. However the Mighty is an all round excellent vape, and is incredibly easy to use!

As always Namaste has a variety of accessories that are compatible with the Mighty Vaporizer, so you can maximise the vaping experience as much as you can!

Shop Mighty

Best Desktop Vape

Based on: Size, weight, build-quality, best vapor


The Volcano Digital Desktop Vaporizer €419.99

While vaping on the go has become increasingly popular over the years, one desktop vaporizer has proven to be one of the most in-demand vaporizers on the market at the moment, and that is Storz and Bickel’s Volcano Digital Desktop Vaporizer with an easy valve set! Storz and Bickel are top dogs in creating the highest quality products within the vaping community and for good reason! Whether you enjoy vaping from the comfort of your own home alone or with friends, the Volcano Digital is a force to be reckoned with!

It has been brought to our attention here at Namaste that there are fake models of the Volcano Digital Desktop Vaporizer in circulation, and while they may be considerably cheaper than the genuine article we feel that it is important to stress that they not only could be damaging to your health, but they could also break easily. Which is why we strongly advise that you purchase here from Namaste Vapes for the genuine article.

Made with precision engineering in Germany the Volcano Digital Desktop Vaporizer was built to last, and while being rather expensive and complicated to use, the Volcano Digital Vaporizer is a life-long investment and couldn’t be easier to use! The digital display on the front of the device gives you the freedom to find the exact temperature that suits you best! And with the use of the easy valve, filling the balloons with your tasty vapor couldn’t be simpler! One of the benefits of the balloon is the fact that you can carry it around with you around the house rather than being tethered to your device for the entire session!

Multiple competitors have tried to match and improve on Storz and Bickel’s creations but they are yet to come close to making their incredible functionality and performance, which is why it’s more than likely that the Volcano Digital Desktop Vaporizer, is a force to be reckoned with and will more than likely remain as the best desktop vaporizer for a long time.

Shop Volcano

Best Overall Vaporizer

Based on: Weight, Price, Material Quality, Vapor Quality


The G Pen Elite Vaporizer €99.99

If you are on a tight budget, or if you’re new to the vaping community looking for a good entry level vape, look no further than the G Pen Elite! Produced by Grenco Science, the G Pen Elite is a force to be reckoned with and is one of NamasteVapes Ireland’s best vaporizers at the moment! Despite being made from plastic, the G Pen Elite has a high quality feel and with its ergonomic design, it fits comfortably in your hand. The digital display fits nicely on the face of the device and gives you the freedom to customize the settings you want for the ultimate session.

Working as good as it looks, the G Pen Elite is one of the most functional and highly performing vaporizers in its price range! With temperatures ranging from 220-428F and being 4.4’’ long, the G Pen Elite slips nicely into your pocket making it not only incredibly functional and affordable but also incredibly portable! The battery life lasts for about 10-15 sessions, depending how long you use it for and how high your temperature settings are.

The G Pen Elite is one of the most well-rounded vaporizers that we have to offer here at Namaste so no matter what your experience you have with vaping, the G Pen Elite is a solid choice!

Shop G Pen

Best Mid-Range Vaporizer

Based on: Size, Price, Overall Quality


PAX 2 Vaporizer €149.95

Following the release of the PAX 3, the price of the PAX 2 had dropped making it a considerably more attractive vape no matter what your experience or budget! With the same functionality as PAX 3, the PAX 2 vaporizer is the more popular choice between the two due to the substantial difference in the price. Identical on the outside to the PAX 3, the PAX 2 is sleek and elegant while being incredibly functional!

The mouthpiece on the PAX 2 has two options; either flush to the device whick promotes discretion or a raised mouthpiece for extra comfort. Both of which are a great feature on the PAX 2! The vapor is also something worth mentioning as the PAX 2 vaporizer produces some of the nicest vapor we have ever tasted! IT has to be noted though that if you do prefer switching back and forth from concentrates to dried herbs, the PAX 2 is not the right vape for you and that you are better off in investing in the PAX 3.

One feature on the PAX devices is that it has lip sensing technology, which not only prolongs the battery life of the PAX 2 but also preserves your herbs so you can enjoy that tasy vapor for longer! Double whammy!

The battery life on the PAX 2 lasts roughly between 50-90 minutes, meaning it might not be the best vape to take with you on long journeys if you can’t charge it along the way but it does depend on how frequently you use your device and what settings you choose.

The PAX 2 has been voted the best mid-range vaporizer here at Namaste and for good reason! Made by a reliable manufacturer, sleek and elegant in design as well as being incredibly functional, the PAX 2 is an easy choice!

Shop PAX 2

Best Vapor Quality

Based on: Build Design, User Experience


The DaVinci IQ €249.99

The DaVinci IQ has been in the game as one of the leading vaporizers on the market, and for good reason! Known to be one of the smartest vaporizers on the market, the DaVinci IQ has a variety of features that we here at Namaste simply can’t get enough of! One feature in particular that we love is the fact that the heating chamber is made from ceramic zirconia, which is optimized, to essentially give you a long lasting, high performance vape, which produces some of the cleanest and tastiest vapor! It comes as no surprise then that the DaVinci IQ has won the title of the best vapor quality here at NamasteVapes!

The DaVinci IQ has a variety of settings that not only intensifies your sessions but can also make sure you get everything out of your herb! Such settings include Boost Mode and the Smart Path! While competitors have tried to copy DaVinci’s innovation we have yet to see them surpass the high standards that DaVinci have set!

The DaVinci IQ is one of the most compact vaporizers within its price range, sitting comfortably in your hand and made from the highest quality materials, the DaVinci IQ is truly a stunning piece of kit that you’d be crazy to overlook! As if that wasn’t enough the DaVinci IQ offers maximum discretion, as you can control everything through the app! Rather than complicating things the DaVinci IQ has developed one of the easiest apps we have ever used so take it from us, if you’re new to the vaping community and you’re looking to invest in a high quality and easy to use vape, look no further than the DaVinci IQ!

Shop DaVinci

Best Upgraded Vaporizer

Based on: Improvements vs Previous Model


The Arizer Air II €192.99

Arizer have proven to be increasingly popular over the years and for good reason! The Arizer Air II is one of the most sophisticated vaporizer that we have here at NamasteVapes, which is why it has been voted to be the best upgraded vaporizer of 2019! The original Arizer Air Vaporizer was incredibly popular, but somehow they have managed to further improve on what was already a fantastic piece of kit!

When looking at the Arizer Air II, the most noticeable difference in its design is the new display screen. Not only does this improve the overall look of the device but it also substantially improves the overall functionality of the device! The overall look and feel of the Arizer Air II is something that we have fallen in love with so it comes as no surprise that this bad boy wins the prize of best upgrade!

One of the most loved features about the arizer Air II is the fact that it has an isolated airpath and a detachable glass mouthpiece, which means that your tasty vapor isn’t mixing with any technical or other components within the device, promoting high quality vapor flavor. What we would like to mention though that because it is glass it adds an extra bit of fragility to the device.

With a stunning LED display screen and a high quality finish, no matter how many times you use the Arizer Air II you’ll never get bored of it! What we would recommend though is that you must make sure to properly maintain your vape to avoid poor performance, and NamasteVapes offers a wide variety of cleaning materials that you can use.

The Arizer Air II is a serious upgrade compared to its predecessor the Arizer Air, improving on what was already an incredible vape is tough , but somehow Arizer have exceeded everyone’s expectations, so if you’re looking for something new, look no further than the Arizer Air II!

Shop Arizer Air IIi

Fan Favorite

Based on: User Reviews, Customer Feedback


The Arizer Extreme Q €142.99

When people think of desktop vaporizers, their initial thought is that it is incredibly expensive. However, Arizer have quashed all those beliefs with the Arizer Extreme Q! As one of the most affordable desktop vaporizers on the market at the moment, the Arizer Extreme Q, has become a fan favorite between us here the staff at Namaste, and also by you! Bringing Canadian excellence to Ireland, it’s likely that the Arizer Extreme Q is here to stay.

The vapor quality on the Arizer Extreme Q for such a budget friendly desktop vape is out of this world! Whether you prefer a dense vapor, or if you prefer using a balloon or a whip, the Arizer Extreme Q is capable of it all! Everything about the Extreme Q, right down to the build quality, screams excellence. Allowing the user to control what temperature they want right down to the degree, as well as being able to be controlled by a remote control, the Arizer Extreme Q was made with the user in mind.

Made from the highest quality materials, as well as producing som of the highest quality vapor we have seen for a desktop vape in its price range, as well as such wide versatility, the Arizer Extreme Q is a serious contender in the vaping community and it is likely to remain a fan favorite for a long time.

Shop Extreme Q

Best Aesthetic Vaporizer

Based on: Design, Look, Overall Coolness


The Hydrology 9 Vaporizer €209.99

When it comes to the best aesthetic vaporizer, there’s no question about it that the Hydrology 9 Vaporizer is the winner! Using a water filtration system is a bold move, but Cloudious9 have pulled it off seamlessly, and to top it all off they incorporate colorful LED’s to further add to what is already a wonderful vaping experience.

The Hydrology 9 is a sturdy piece of kit and overall is quite good, one thing we will mention though is that if you are new to the vaping community, this might not be the vape for you, as it is quite difficult to assemble, but if you follow the instructions carefully, it’ll all be worth it! The Hydrology 9 has a built in stirring tool with the ceramic oven, promoting the even heating of your herbs, so you can get the most out of it as possible! Thanks to the water filtration system, the vapor quality in the Hydrology 9 is smooth and full of flavor.

One note we have to also make however is that the Hydrology 9 is not a discreet vaporizer, so if discretion is a key factor for you we suggest something a little smaller!

While there are one or two poor points about the Hydrology 9, it excels everywhere else, once set up it is so easy to use and the overall aesthetic of the vaporizer is truly beautiful.

Shop Hydrology

Best Vaporizer Under €200

Based on: Vapor Quality, Build and Look


The Boundless Tera €199.99

Just shy of €200 the Boundless Tera is a force to be reckoned with! One feature that has to be noted is the 2 removable batteries which not only last you for long periods of time, but can also be easily replaced! In terms of build quality the stainless steel outer promotes durability, so it’s more than prepared for all the knocks and bumps it might encounter in the future!

The Boundless Tera boasts an isolated airpath which keeps your tasty vapor smooth and clean and the mouthpiece has been redesigned for less mouth and throat irritation! Producing some serious clouds while costing under €200 is something we never thought to be possible! One thing we have to mention though is that for vaping concentrates, it only allows one temperature setting, while the ideal temperature for vaping concentrates, it doesn’t give you the freedom of preference like other vaporizers in the same category do.

The curved design on the Boundless Tera promotes a comfort when holding the device but in terms of discreteness it falls short, while on the larger side the Tera is more difficult to conceal, however that doesn’t mean that the Tera is not your friend when on the go, the convection technology in the Tera means that it produces vapor that doesn’t smell as much compared to other vaporizers on the market in this price range!

Whether you love vaping dried herbs or concentrates, the Boundless Tera is one of the easiest vaporizers to use, so even if you’re a novice to the vaping community, the Tera is a great entry level vape or if you’re a vape enthusiast looking to move onto the next best thing, the Boundless Tera is a serious contender!

The Boundless Tera is a solid choice if your budget is under €200, suitable for novices and self proclaimed professionals alike, easy to use, while producing some serious clouds, the Boundless Tera is one of the greats this year!

Shop Boundless

Best Vaporizer Under €100

Based on: Vapor Quality, Build and Look


XMAXX Starry Vaporizer €79.99

This little miracle worker is relatively new to our site, but has already become one of our best-selling vaporizers here at NamasteVapes Ireland and for good reason! Boasting a ceramic oven and a built in heating element, the XMAXX Starry sends all of the other vaporizer in this category up in smoke! Producing some serious clouds while being under €100 and slipping easily into your pocket, is a rarity in the vaping community but the XMAXX Starry has exceeded everyone’s expectations and have created a truly incredible vape!

The vapor production of the XMAXX Starry is simply out of this world! For such an affordable vaporizer we were quite surprised to find that the oven is made from ceramic and the mouthpiece is also made from ceramic zirconia, both of which promote thick, dense clouds that are full of flavor!

Another feature of the XMAXX Starry that we love is the fact that it is made from anodized aluminum so no matter how clumsy you are, the XMAXX Starry is well prepared for all the knocks and bumps it may encounter!

The battery life on the XMAXX Starry vaporizer is relatively good considering its price, but if you want to take this with you on long journeys, we recommend investing in a spare battery which you can change if your device goes dead and you can’t get to a charger.

With slightly bigger dimensions of the PAX 3, the XMAXX Starry is incredibly portable, as well as durable and produces some serious clouds! For €79.99, the XMAXX Starry is a worthwhile investment and is likely to stay as the best vaporizer for under €100 for a while!


Best Vaporizer Under €50

Based on: Vapor Quality, Build and Look


Black Mamba Vaporizer €39.99

The Black Mamba is best known for its unique teardrop design, and giving you the most bang for your buck! As one of the cheapest vaporizers that we have to offer here at NamasteVapes Ireland, the Black Mamba is one of our most in-demand products at the moment! Suitable for secret santa gifts, stocking fillers, or even as a gift from you to you, the Black Mamba is a truly wonderful vape within its price range!

The Black Mamba boasts a ceramic chamber which hold about 0.65g of your favorite dried herb, which in turn helps to create some of the smoothest, cleanest, and flavorful vapor that we have ever tasted! The Black Mamba has 5 pre-set temperatures, giving you room to find the ideal temperature for you! The temperatures range from; 180C-220C and only takes 20 seconds to heat up! The Black Mamba is a dried herb conduction vaporizer, and here at Namaste recommend that you grind your herbs finely, to ensure that your herbs are heated evenly.

One area in which the Black Mamba falls short is in term of the battery life. The Black Mamba has a non-removable battery which takes on average about 2 hours to fully charge, so if you do plan on tasking the Black Mamba with you on a weekend away, ensure that you will have access to a plug to charge that bad boy up!

With a rubberized finish and unique design, the Black Mamba feels good in your hands and also has improved grip, so , no matter how clumsy you are, the Black Mamba is less likely to fall!

All in all , the Black Mamba has made waves in the vaping community and for good reason! In terms of performance, looks and feel, the Black Mamba is an easy winner as the best vaporizer under €50!

Shop Black Mamba

Best Cheap Vaporizer

Based on: User Experience, Price, Vapor Quality


The Penguin Vaporizer €34.99

If you are new to the vaping community, finding the right vaporizer for you seems like sa daunting task , with so many variations and different prices, you may feel a little overwhelmed with it all. However we here at Namaste are here to help! This is why we recommend in investing in a relatively cheap vaporizer so should you decide that vaping just isn’t for you, you won’t be out of pocket! Finding a high quality vaporizer that is also friendly to your bank account is no simple task which is why after a lot of testing, we came to the conclusion that the Penguin Vaporizer is an easy winner!

Using conduction, the Penguin vaporizer evenly distributes heat throughout your dried herb and with the auto shut off feature you won’t have to worry about wasted herb or battery life as the Penguin has you covered! With 5 pre-set temperature options ranging from 180-220C, the Penguin offers room for experimentation to find the right setting for you! If you’re looking to impress your friends with some serious clouds, we recommend opting for a higher temperature setting on the Penguin, lower settings give better flavor and thinner vapor which also is a bonus if discretion is a priority for you!

The Penguin Vaporizer is a sleek, compact and incredible device and for €34.99 its not likely that you’ll find a better vape out there in its price range! We here at NamasteVapes Ireland have fallen in love with it! So, what are you waiting for? Go get a Penguin in your pocket now!

Shop Penguin

Best New Vaporizer

Based on: Size, Weight, Concealment and Discreetness


The DaVinci MIQRO €159.00

The DaVinci MIQRO is one of the newest additions to the Namaste family, and it’s already selling out fast! DaVinci have had the long standing reputation for creating some of the finest pieces of kit within the vaping community, so when the MIQRO came along we couldn’t be more excited! Smaller than its elder the DaVinci IQ , the MIQRO combines simple design with incredible functionality to create one of the smallest and most portable vaporizers on the market at the moment!

The anodized aluminium on the MIQRO promotes strength and durability, so no matter where you are or what you love doing, the MIQRO will be your new best friend! Another feature that we love is the hinge styled magnetic doors that are easy to open and close, but stay sealed when in use, the MIQRO boasts a stunning LED display screen and has a variety of modes to choose from such as boost and standby mode, so whether you’re looking for a quick intense session or you want to preserve your herb, the MIQRO is the vape for you! As well as all these wonderful features the MIQRO is also available in a variety of stunning colors.

One area where the MIQRO falls short when in comparison to the IQ, is in terms of battery life. The MIQRO is considerably smaller than the IQ, so the battery is less powerful, however it is interchangeable, so if you are going away for a long period of time we recommend that you bring along a spare battery to keep the session going!

The DaVinci MIQRO comes with two options; the standard kit which is €159.00 or the Bundle Kit which is €209! So, if you’re looking to add a vape to your collection or give a bundle of joy this Christmas there’s no better gift out there than the DaVinci MIQRO!