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Bongs are a fun and easy way to enjoy your ground materials, and thanks to bong brands like RooR and EHLE you can use some of the best bongs in the world. From silicone to borosilicate, find your dream piece!

Trends come and go but bongs are forever. A classic method of ingestion, years of researching and tweaking have led us into the golden age of bongs! With a wide array of materials, styles, bases, downstems... There's a piece out there that suits everyone and their lifestyle.

Thanks to many bong brands we work with, such as RooR, EHLE, Weed Star, Grav Labs, Grace Glass, Sheldon Black, Hitman Glass, and much more! We see endless amounts of innovation from these brands, and that's how we can guarantee enjoyable sessions. While technology has made some incredible leaps and bounds, so has the world of glassware. From ash catchers to treble honeycomb percolators, every session will be as tasty and refreshing as the first.

As any collector will know, no collection is every fully complete. That's why we stock some of the rarest pieces available, and even a handful of custom bongs too. That gorgeous impossible piece of art will quickly become the center of your collection, and you'll find the vapor from it aren't half bad either. If you find yourself on the opposite end of the scale, looking for no-nonsense pieces that will last you a lifetime, borosilicate glass is your friend. Scientific glass can take more than a few knocks, and with its sturdy frame it can be shaped into anything from classic straight tubes as far as crazy party pieces.

If you want to enjoy some next level experiences, percolators and ice pinches are ready to show you what sky high quality is like. There's a whole world of percs, from UFOs to completely mesmerizing cyclones, that will help filter your dry herb and deliver delicious smoke up towards you. Ice pinches are the latest step in cooling, with a small shelf for placing ice within your bong. Simply drop in your ice and watch as your smoke passes it by, cooling it even further!

From crazy unique pieces to classically shaped straight tubes, there is a bong for everyone and every collection. Experience a world filled with scientific glass, gorgeous color, and inventive percolators!