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Why fix it if it hasn't broken yet? Pipes are here to stay, and they aren't messing around. With pipe brands now giving us variety from gorgeous glass to shocking steamrollers, pipes are the definition of convenient and discreet! Slip one in your bag and get ready to go.

Pipes are one of the oldest forms of smoking, but don't take that to mean they've fallen by the wayside in terms of advancements and creativity! While they might be a bit older tech wise than a phone activated vape, there are benefits to having something so low key. Pipes are perfect for popping in your pocket! The ultimate level of discretion, they can be carried anywhere without anyone being any wiser. Unlike other methods of smoking, they're also quiet and incredibly easy to use. Ideal for when you want a quick hit on the go, as well as easily attaching to your favourite bong!

Many companies make pipes, but few create innovative products like pipe brands RooR, EHLE, Weed Star, Grav Labs, Grace Glass, and G-Spot! Thanks to years of researching, building, and even enjoying pipes, they know exactly what a person wants in a pipe. Whether it's colourful glass with swirls of detail, innovative metal containers, or even wooden pipes that infuse your smoke with delicious flavours, your tastes are catered to!

With more work put into them than your standard pipe from back in the day, what's available now will blow your mind! Glass cools smoke much faster than traditional materials, and with more and more being discovered some pipes are even effectively indestructible! If you are someone who has been known to knock a bong or two over in their day, scientific glass is the one for you.

As a collector, the stunningly blown colored pieces are ready to blow your other pieces out of the water. With custom pieces, you're guaranteed gorgeous swirls and pieces mixed together, alongside novelty pipes that will delight and astound all your friends. Especially handy for those who want discretion and subtlety, you can also find devices that will be easy to hide in plain sight! 

Enjoy tasty hits with pipes from some of the top brands in the world, and get ready to experience some of the best sessions of your life!