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Bong Tiny Sister

Bong Tiny Sister
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  • Bong Tiny Sister
  • Bong Tiny Sister
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Roor Tiny Sister Glass Bong

Roor have made a little sister glass bong with a narrow gauge tube and as standard a  diffuser down stem which helps break up the water flow into tiny little bubbles so that the rip when you take it will be a lot easier. As far as snapper beakers goes it damn near perfect. So sit back and relax once you get your Tiny Sister Glass Bong and just chill out. Since it's so small it will easily fit into nearly any bag that you want it to. Just don't lose it and for such a small product it can certainly pack a punch as its really strong relative to it's size.


Made and designed in Germany, the Tiny Sister Glass Bong is made using German Schott Duran Pyrex glass of the best quality by master artisans who have completed years of word and training in scientific glass blowing to be able to bring to you the best looking bongs they possible can.

The history of the Roor Bongs are of only producing the absolute top glass bongs and pipes in their amazing glass studios right in the middle of Germany's glass blowing district.

Beaker Base

The bottom the Tiny Sister Glass Bong is a base which resembles a beaker. These are called beaker based bongs. They are some of the most popular types of bongs out there and if you check out all the newest bongs that are coming out then you would realize that most of them are going with the beaker base instead of a regular flat base. For users of the Tiny Sister you will be happy to know that beaker base water pipes are far superior than their counterparts the flat base ones. This is because of a few reasons. The first reason is pretty simple. Stability. Stability is incredibly important when it comes to designed water pipes as since they are mostly made out glass one fall could be the end of it. The second reason is just as important and that is filtration. A beaker base will help filter out anything that is unnecessary and help you by getting you towards a healthy bong session.


So in conclusion if you are looking for a small little bong then look no further as the Tiny Sister Glass Bong was made just for you! So buy it while you can because you can't be certain that it will remain in stock.