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Ice Ice Baby Glass Bong

Ice Ice Baby Glass Bong Ireland
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Chongz Ice Ice Baby Glass Bong

The Ice Ice Baby Glass Bong is exactly all about what the name suggests - ice ice, baby. Living up to their hard-earned reputation for producing exquisitely designed products which are also of very high quality, Chongz have created yet another low-cost bong for you smoking pleasure. Standing at a hefty height of 37.5cm and supported by 7mm walls, the Ice Ice Baby is sturdy and solid (baby). The stem has a built-in diffuser which increases the number of bubbles when you inhale, increasing the surface are exposed to the water also and cooling down the hit. Things can only get better with the addition of ice in the top chamber. Supported from falling by indents in the glass known as ice notches, you’ll get the smoothest of hits with this wonderful unit. Well known for their dedication to producing affordable and high-quality bongs, Chongz do not disappoint with this member of their arsenal.

Chongz Ice Ice Baby Glass Bong Features

Body and Mouthpiece:

The beaker style of this unit means a larger capacity for water which means a higher capacity for filtration and cooler hits. This will only be aided by the addition of ice in the top of the pipe. Borosilicate glass is used throughout and with walls of 7mm thickness, this bong will support high usage and is durable enough to withstand whatever you can throw at it (within reason). Designed with an icy-frosted glass, this unit is clean and slick.

Bowl and Downstem:

The Ice Ice Baby features an 18mm female ground glass joint and a male 14.5mm bowl joint, you can swap the bowl out for any others favourite you have in your collection. The stem has a slit diffuser which forces the smoke to separate into tiny bubbles that causes a decrease in temperature and makes for a smoother hit.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

How frequently you should clean your bong will depend on how often you use it. Dirty bong water, as well as any build up in residue will affect the taste and quality of your hit so it’s important to keep on top of this. With no exact instruction on how often you should clean your Ice Ice Baby, we recommend you keep an eye on it and clean as and when required. Remember though, letting it build up will only mean it's harder to do when you do get around to it

Chongz Ice Ice Baby Glass Bong Features Summary

  • Straight Mouthpiece
  • 7mm thick glass wall throughout
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Ice notches
  • 37.1cm in height
  • 14.5mm bowl joint