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Jelly Fish Glass Perc Bong

Jelly Fish Glass Perc Bong Ireland
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  • Jelly Fish Glass Perc Bong Ireland
  • Jelly Fish Glass Perc Bong Ireland
€74.99 EUR
Jelly Fish Glass Perc Bong has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.
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Chongz Jelly Fish Glass Percolator Bong

Chongz are very well known for manufacturing high-quality affordable glassware and the Jelly Fish is no exception. At a mighty 45cm tall, it is an impressive piece of equipment that will stand out in your collection. The walls are a sturdy 7mm thick and with a large beakers base, this bong will support heavy usage without letting you down. With a 10 arm tree percolator inside the the chamber and a diffuser on the end of the stem, this bong offers a large capacity as well as the ability to filter and cool the perfect hit for you.

Chongz Jelly Fish Glass Percolator Bong - Main Features

Body and Shape:

The Jelly Fish has a beaker shape offering large capacity for water and therefore a large capacity for filtration. The large beaker bottom also offers stability to the unit, ensuring that it won’t tip over. Standing tall at 45cm, this unit also features ice notches so will deliver reliably smooth hits every time.

Bowl and Downstem:

The bowl on the Jelly Fish is removable with a female 18.8mm joint size and a 14.5mm bowl joint so you can swap the bowl out for any of your other favourites if you like. The downstem features a diffuser which increases the amount of bubbles and therefore surface area, so the smoke cools down more efficiently.


Highly likely named the Jelly Fish because it resembles the 10 arm tree perc, it has no effect on how efficiently and wonderfully this perc works to create bubbles and cool down that hit. The bubbles created in the diffuser will cool down the smoke somewhat and the 10 arms tree perc will create hundreds of little bubbles that will serve the same purpose. If ice is placed in the top chamber, then the cooled air from these bubbles will be cooled even further just before it is inhaled, making the smoothest hit possibly from this bong.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

Bongs can become very dirty indeed, especially if they are not cleaned out often enough. Dirty bong water, as well as any build-up of residue will affect the taste and quality of your hit so it’s important to keep on top of these aspects. How often your bong will need cleaned will depend entirely on how much you use it! With no exact instruction on how often you should clean your Jelly Fish, we recommend you keep an eye on it and clean as-and-when required. Remember though, letting it build up will only mean it's harder to do when you do get around to it

Chongz Jelly Fish Glass Percolator Bong - Features Summary

  • Straight Mouthpiece
  • 7mm Thick glass
  • Stem Diffuser
  • Ice Notches
  • 45cm in height
  • 18.8mm Female Joint
  • 14.5mm Male Joint
  • 10 Arm Tree Percolator