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Swiss Tony Perc Glass Bong

Swiss Tony Perc Glass Bong
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  • Swiss Tony Perc Glass Bong
  • Swiss Tony Perc Glass Bong
  • Swiss Tony Perc Glass Bong
  • Swiss Tony Perc Glass Bong
  • Swiss Tony Perc Glass Bong
  • Swiss Tony Perc Glass Bong
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Swiss Tony Perc Glass Bong has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 2 reviews.
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Swiss Tony Perc Glass Bong

The Swiss Tony Perc Glass Bong is another offering from Chongz, who are well known for producing low-cost high-quality glass water pipes and you can expect the same high standard with this one. At a whopping 46.1cm tall, this supersized bong is a sturdy unit that is also a great decorative piece. The percolator maze forces the smoke to filter through the water, and puts on quite the show as it does, creating a cooler and smoother hit just for you. The addition of ice can only make for a smoother hit, which is something you can count on with the Swiss Tony.

Swiss Tony Perc Glass Bong Features

Body and Mouthpiece:

The body of the Swiss Tony is straight at 46.1cm, a feature that makes for smoother hits in itself. This coupled with the percolator maze breaking up the bubbles will make for a very smooth hit. This will only be increased by the addition of ice using the ice notches on the main body of the pipe. The design of this bong, with the black downstem and base leading to the glass percolators and mouthpiece, give this piece a great look and feel.

Bowl and Downstem:

The 18.8mm female joint size and 14.5mm male bowl joint means that you can mix and match with your favourite mouthpiece from your own collection. The downstem is curved and silhouetted black against the clear glass of the rest of the unit.


The maze percs within the Swiss Tony Bong breaks up the bubbles of smoke into much tinier ones so that it cools down more efficiently and the hit becomes a lot smoother.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

Dirty bong water, as well as any build up in residue will affect the taste and quality of your hit so it’s important to keep on top of this. How frequently you should clean your bong will depend on how often you use it. With no exact instruction on how often you should clean your Swiss Tony, we recommend you monitor it and clean as and when required. Remember though, letting it build up will only mean it's harder to do when you do get around to it!

Swiss Tony Perc Glass Bong Features Summary

  • Straight Mouthpiece
  • Ice notches
  • 46.1cm in height
  • 14.5mm bowl joint